These are all names for the same thing. A Personal Seat License (PSL) gives you ownership of a given seat for the life of the stadium. This allows you to purchase season tickets from the team each year for as long as you own the license. If you decline to purchase season tickets, that license reverts back to the team. A PSL is an asset in that it can be bought and sold to other parties. For some teams these licenses will appreciate in value and for others they will lose value over time.

The price on Seatacular reflects just the price of the seat license and does not include any tickets with the sale. If you purchase the PSL before the season, you will be billed directly from the team. If you purchase the PSL after the start of the season or after the current seat holder has paid their invoice for the upcoming season, you may be able to purchase any remaining tickets from the current PSL holder. It is denoted on the listing whether tickets are also available. We will put you in contact with the seller to purchase the tickets.

Buyers pay no fees. The price you see on Seatacular is the price you pay. No additional fees will sneakily be tacked on after you’ve fallen in love with your seats.

For sellers, it is always free to list your inventory. You only pay once the buyer has committed to purchase your seat licenses. This is a fixed 10% charge of the final sale price.

Certain teams have PSL transfer fees. We have already factored these fees into the cost of the PSLs. If you’d like to find out how much this charge amounts to, checkout our individual team pages.

We realize that everyone’s needs are different. Some sellers have the luxury of pricing their seat licenses at the market and waiting for the right buyer. Other sellers need cash fast and can’t afford to wait. In these cases, we can make you an offer for your seats in order to liquidate them for a quick sale. Price quotes normally run 20 to 30% below market value. Fill out our sales evaluation form and one of our helpful staff will get back to you promptly.