Season ticket waiting lists are a funny thing. On the surface you’d expect teams with winning records would always have fans in the seats and those perennial cellar dwellers would be basically giving tickets away in order to subject their fans to misery (ahm, Browns). That isn’t always the case.

Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals have chalked up a 104 game sellout streak since moving into University of Phoenix Stadium, yet there is no waiting list for season tickets. Strange. Just call them up at (602) 379-0102 to talk to a ticket rep about seating options for the 2017 season.

Atlanta Falcons
As the Falcons come off their historic Super Bowl collapse and prepare to move into Mercedes-Benz Stadium, tickets are freely available, but you have to purchase a PSL to get the rights to buy tickets. PSL pricing ranges from $20K to $500 per seat. Reach out to the Falcons ticket office for more information on seating options.

Buffalo Bills
At 7-9, the Bills continue to do just enough give their fans hope, but not enough to crack the AFC East playoff picture. There is no waiting list to contend with. Seating at The Ralph is pretty plentiful in looking at the available seating map so go ahead and lock in your spot.

Carolina Panthers
There is no waiting list for season tickets for the Carolina Panthers as they were all sold as personal seat licenses when Bank of America Stadium opened up in 1994. The only exception is club seating which is freely available and will set you back 10 grand for the PSL and $2,700 to $4,500 per seat for the season tickets. Take a look at the PSL resale markets for seating options that won’t send you to the poor house.

Cleveland Browns
Browns waiting list? Those are three words you’d never expect to see together in the English language. Here you go Browns fans. Outside of the lower deck, the world is your oyster.

Denver Broncos
The bad news is the season ticket waiting list for the Broncos is 75,000 long. That has been translating to around a 10 to 15 year wait for season tickets. The good news is that Broncos have been cracking down on ticket brokers this offseason which has resulted in 1,000 seats opening up from cancelled accounts of those season ticket holders who haven’t attended a game. In recent seasons, only a couple hundred people came off the waiting list so that is a sizable change. It’s the price you pay for Manning and a 2016 Super Bowl win. There is no harm in jumping on board. The waiting list is free to join so why not. Your future self will either thank you or cry when you’ve been transferred to Topeka in 2028.

Detroit Lions
The Lions haven’t logged a playoff win since 1991. Twenty-six years and it was a divisional win at that. Anyone want to venture a guess at their last conference championship? 1957. The fans have spent their lives waiting, but not on season tickets. They are freely available. Contact the Lions ticket office for details.

Green Bay Packers
Ah the fabled Packers waiting list. It is the granddaddy of all sports waiting lists. The list was started shortly after the team first sold out in 1960. This is a grab your spot for your grandchildren type situation. The wait time is reportedly 30 years which sounds about right. Last year, an ESPN reporter said he had moved up 12,000 spots over the course of a decade. With the list about 130,000 deep and family members able to pass tickets down to their heirs, the list just doesn’t move much. Add your name to the list. What do you have to lose?

Houston Texans
The Texans instituted PSLs when Reliant Stadium (now NRG Stadium) debuted in 2002 so not many seats come available from year to year. Basically, it requires someone to eat their investment and not many people are willing to voluntarily flush thousands of dollars down the drain. From the trenches, we’ve heard of someone signing up in 2007 and having a seven year wait while another signed up in 2011 and still languished in the 4000 range four years later. No matter how you cut it, the waiting list is going to be a slow grind. For those willing to brave the list, you can sign up on the Texan’s website. For those serious about securing seats, buying them on the resale market is probably your best bet.

Kansas City Chiefs
There is no waiting list for the Chefs (love that Snicker commercial). Call up your friendly ticket rep at 888-992-4433 to get your seat at Arrowhead.

Jacksonville Jaguars
After threatening to finally put the pieces together in 2015, the Jaguars and especially Blake Bortles badly regressed in 2016. It caused Gus Bradley to be shown the door, and a cloud of uncertainty to descend over the team. Pair that with playing in one of the smallest markets in the NFL and that translates into plenty of tickets ripe for the taking. So until they officially become the London Jaguars, contact the ticket office.

Las Vegas Raiders
Sin City finally moves to the big time with their very own NFL franchise. All that hand wringing over gambling and football didn’t seem to worry many when it actually came time for the owners to vote on relocation to Vegas. Las Vegas stadium is tentatively set to house the men in silver and black for the 2020 season. A $100 deposit will save your place in line to purchase PSLs at the new stadium. Just like the story with most of the NFL’s California teams, looking to the future is great, but what about my need for football now? Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum will continue to house the Raiders in the interim, and you can join the waiting list by filling out this form. Strangely, the Raiders have struggled to sell out the Coliseum for years (hence all those tarps blanketing the upper deck), but evidently now they have a 15,000 person waiting list for season tickets. I guess a little winning has done wonders for the franchise. 15k waiting list. So why are they moving again?

Los Angeles Chargers
That still sounds weird to say. The team’s move to the City of Angels will debut during the 2017 season, playing at the Stubhub Center. Yes the 30,000 seat soccer complex or basically the lower deck of an NFL stadium. To put that into perspective, Qualcomm Stadium held 70,561 fans. Of course, this is just a band aid until they reach their ultimate home at Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park in 2019. Fans interested in being the first to cheer on Philip Rivers and company in L.A. can join the team’s waiting list for $100. For the fans looking for the best seats and/or wanting to join the action at the Stubhub Center, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. Namely 1) current Chargers season ticket holders have first priority, 2) you can only purchase up to four seats, 3) seating choice priority in the new stadium will be provided to those who see the team through the Stubhub years and 4) seats at the new Los Angeles Stadium in Hollywood Park will most likely fall under a PSL program that has yet to be announced. Contact the Chargers at (877) CHARGERS to find out additional info.

Miami Dolphins
While their cheerleaders are in a league of their own (seriously scroll and click around for a while if you think there is any debate), the football squad has been knocking on the door for some time without an answer. Its a team that seems like it has the pieces but has yet to put it all together. Whether it be the oppressive heat, the timid team or the aging Hard Rock Stadium (built in 1987 — although it is getting a much needed renovation for 2017), there just hasn’t been the demand to warrant a season ticket wait list. Don’t let this page fool you. Tickets are freely available. Submit an inquiry and the ticket office will get back to you to discuss seating options.

Minnesota Vikings
There has been a lot of excitement among the Vikings faithful about the opening of the flashy new U.S. Bank Stadium. The 2016 season promptly sold out, and a waiting list was established to accommodate those left out in the cold. To join the list, you must put down a $100 per seat deposit which will be applied to the cost of your seat licenses when your number is called. There is a limit of six seats that can be ordered when placing your deposit. Notice I mentioned seat licenses a couple sentences back. Just like every NFL team with new digs, it was partially financed by requiring fans to purchase seat licenses. Vikings PSLs are running $500 to $10,000 per seat depending on the location.

New England Patriots
Regardless of what you think about deflategate or the NFL’s Evil Empire, few would argue that the dynasty Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have built is a mighty impressive one. Couple that with being the hometown team of six states, and the Patriots have garnered quite the following. Patriots season tickets have been sold out since 1994.

It cost $100 per seat to get on The List. The list is quite long. We’ve heard that members who signed up in 1999 were just now being offered seats. On the plus side, being a member of the list allows you some perks like being able to purchase SRO partial ticket packages as well as other niceties.

New Orleans Saints
The Saints are an interesting one. In the days before Hurricane Katrina, you could get really nice season tickets for the Saints almost on the field. There was literally no demand as the team was regularly floating around 7-9. Katrina ravaged New Orleans, and the Superdome became a Mecca for the hurt and displaced. Sean Payton and Drew Brees ushered in the renaissance of Saints football and the NOLA community couldn’t get enough.

At last check, the Saints waiting list was 77,000 strong. Only 3% of season ticket holders give up their seats from year to year. With a seating capacity of 76,500, that means around 2300 seats open up each year. To get on the Saints waiting list, call the ticket office at (504) 731-1700.

New York Giants
The NY Giants no longer have a waiting list for season tickets. When MetLife Stadium opened in 2010, all that pent up demand got funneled into getting New Yorkers to pony up for personal seat licenses. Now the only remaining seats you can get from the Giants are overpriced club seating. Review the PSL options on the resale markets as your only real gateway to see Eli and Odell play pitch and catch in the flesh all season long.

New York Jets
Ten years ago, the average wait time was close to a decade to get seasons for the NY Jets. If you call up the Jets ticket office these days, you are likely to be offered the ticket reps first born child and seat service by the cheerleader of your choosing. This isn’t Joe Namath’s team anymore. A poor product on the field and hefty PSL pricing have dragged down demand for the storied franchise. The 300-level (the upper deck) requires no PSL purchase and runs from $550 to $1150 per seat per year. Those lower level and club PSLs can set you back a pretty penny (up to $30k per seat!), but they are available for a fraction of their original value on the resale market so do your research if you are looking for quality seats. To explore your options with the Jets, reach out to the ticket office at (800) 469-5387.

Seattle Seahawks
So for Seahawks season tickets, you have the waiting list (Blue Pride) and then you have the waiting list to get on the waiting list. Confused yet? The Blue Pride waiting list is only available to 12,000 fans so the overflow gets queued up on the Blue Pride notification list which can be signed up for here. When you are invited to join the Blue Pride, you’ll be asked to place a $100 per seat deposit to hold your spot with the ability to reserve up to four seats. Blue Pride members get a shot at single game tickets availability permitting. As for how many people are coming off the list each year, in 2016 they seemed to give the call to the first 600-700 slots on the Blue Pride list. Before you sign up though, just keep in mind that Blue Pride memberships are only available to those living in the Pacific Northwest or more specifically Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Alberta. For everyone else, you need to find another team to cheer for.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
A mere ten years ago, the Buccaneers had a waiting list for season tickets that stretched 145,000 long. Today, not so much. Fifteen years without a playoff win and ten years since you’ve made the playoffs can put a dent in your fanbase. There are seats available pretty much everywhere at Raymond James Stadium so take a spin on the virtual map to see what you can score.

Tennessee Titans
All seating at Nissan Stadium is under the PSL program so by joining the waiting list you are effectively waiting on someone to eat their thousand dollar plus investment. We are hearing it is around a five year wait for the change to purchase PSLs from the team but wouldn’t be surprised if it was greater. You can sign up for the waiting list here. Probably the wiser move is to survey the seat license resale market. We’ve seen them going at or below what the Titans charge for upper level seating minus the wait.

Washington Redskins
The Redskins swear they have a waiting list, but they don’t. I think our president is rubbing off on Washington. They’ve boasted their season ticket waiting list is 150,000 strong, yet they’ve removed seats from Fedex Field three out of the past five years. From an email that was sent out to a lucky “waiting list” member, the Redskins rep had crazy good seating options available in the upper deck. Everyone knows if you are coming off the waiting list, you get bestowed with nosebleeds in the upper level endzone that nobody really wants. You suck it up and hope for a relocation request to get you moving to something respectable in future seasons. So what was the point of all of this? Sign up for the Redskins “waiting list” but suffer no illusions that the wait will be any longer than it takes that desperate ticket rep to punch in ten digits.