Atlanta Falcons - Section 127 - Row 1 - Seat(s) 17,18,19,20

This PSL has 4 seat(s) at $37500/seat.


Aisle seat(s)? Yes
Parking pass included? Yes
Individual tickets available? Yes
Notes This is the best PSL opportunity on the market. Period. Point Blank. These "Champions Club" seats are directly across the walkway from the single most expensive section at $45,000 per seat. That’s $180,000 for just the PSL’s where you could be somewhere sitting on row 30 in the middle or something for the same $180,000! My aisle seats in section 127C is literally about 6-7 feet from these. So, save yourself $30,000 and get to sit on the first row starting at the 45 yard line with absolutely no one sitting in front of you to impede your view from any angle! Here’s the deal: I want $37,500 per PSL Seat ($150,000 total) and the right to purchase these four seats to one regular season game per year leased. I will select this game by an agreed upon deadline (Say July 1st?) and I will pay the invoiced price for the four tickets to the game I select. I will also want first right of refusal if/when you decide to sell these PSL seats in the future. You get the privilege of taking ownership for this package of which I have invested the past 35 years getting seated in what is described as four of the "Top 100 Seats in the new Atlanta Falcon Stadium." You’re right in front of the player’s bench just a few yards from the visiting players every game--a new team of players every game! You’ll feel like you’re at a High School Football game hearing the talking and screaming from players and coaches. Plus, as a "Champions Club" member, you get this: CHAMPIONS CLUB BENEFITS Best sightlines in the stadium Roomier, Cushioned Seats Access to private, climate-controlled Club Lounges Access to on-field Champions Club patio (Champions Club seats only) Lounges will contain both traditional and upscale dining/beverage options Option to purchase premium parking Opportunity to purchase tickets to other stadium events The Champions Lounges are located at field level behind each teams bench and are being designed as the stadium’s largest club space at over 30,000 square feet each. This luxurious climate-controlled area will be reserved only for club seat holders in the first 35 rows from the field. I also have Red Deck Covered Parking that is only a 3-minute walk to the gates. I will transfer these at my cost of $541.00 If you can afford these, your search is over...there's not a better PSL deal available in the new MB Stadium!