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Cleveland Browns Personal Seat Licenses (PSL)

Price per seat

We’ve laid out some of the more frequently asked questions we’ve received from buyers and sellers over the years.

What is the pricing for Cleveland Browns Season Tickets?

Season tickets for the Browns vary from $6250 (Club level) to $250 (Family Zone). There is something for just about any budget.

Cleveland Browns Season Ticket Pricing

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Do All Seats at FirstEnergy Stadium Require a PSL Purchase?

The Browns are one of the few teams who have offered had both PSL and PSL-free sections within the stadium. In 2013, the team largely abandoned the PSL model for all new season ticket sales. The PSL held by existing owners could still be bought and sold as they always had been. These days, you’ll usually see the more desirable sections in the stadium (lower levels and lower row uppers near mid field) still actively sold through PSL purchases.

When can PSL seats be transferred?

There is no limitations on the transfer period. Transfers can be made with the Browns ticket office year round.

Where can I get a copy of the PSL license transfer form?

Seatacular helps facilitate the easy transfer between buyer and seller. If you are looking to handle this process on your own, the Browns transfer form can be downloaded here.

How much is the Browns PSL Transfer Fee?

The cost of transfer is $25 per seat

What is the history behind FirstEnergy Stadium?

First Energy Stadium broke ground in 1997 and first hosted its first football game for the Cleveland Browns in 1999. When it opened, the stadium had a seating capacity of 73,200 but during stadium renovations in 2014 it was scaled back to 67,431 seats. It sits on the site of the prior Cleveland Stadium which housed the team since its inception in 1931.

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