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Houston Texans Personal Seat Licenses (PSL)

Price per seat

We’ve laid out some of the more frequently asked questions we’ve received from buyers and sellers over the years.

What is the pricing for Houston Texans Season Tickets?

The average season ticket price in 2016 was $80 which was up 6 percent over the prior year.

Do All Seats at NRG Stadium Fall Under the PSL Program?

Lower level, mezzanine and prime upper level seating (between the 30 yard lines) falls under the umbrella of PSL seating. You can buy season tickets for all other seats in NRG Stadium without a PSL below. For information about specific sections, see the stadium map below.

The main difference between PSL and non-PSL accounts is the ability to transfer seats to another party. Both have the same rights to playoff tickets and other season ticket holder amenities.

Houston Texans PSL / Non-PSL Stadium Map

Click for a larger view of the pricing grid

When can PSL seats be transferred?

The Houston Texans PSL transfer period runs from _ to _.

Where can I get a copy of the PSL license transfer form?

Seatacular helps facilitate the easy transfer between buyer and seller. If you are looking to handle this process on your own, the Titans transfer form can be downloaded here.

How much is the Texans PSL Transfer Fee?

The Texans have set the PSL transfer fee at a flat $250 for each transfer request. Acceptable payment methods include check and credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover). As expected, checks should be made out to the Houston Texans.

Can Parking Passes be Transferred as Well?

Yes parking passes can transferred with a PSL transaction.

Do the Texans have a waiting list for non-PSL season tickets?

At last count the season ticket waiting list sat around 26,000. Once on the waiting list, members must re-register to retain their spot on the list. This occurs in June to August. Season ticket renewal rate is around 98% each year so the wait time can be extensive. You can download the waiting list form here.

What is the history behind NRG Stadium?

Construction on NRG Stadium broke ground on 2000. The Houston Texans first played at Reliant Stadium in 2002. It was the first retractable roof stadium built by an NFL team. The stadium’s football capacity is 71,795 and expands up to 80,200 for concerts. It is called home by the Texas Bowl and Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo as well as hosted Super Bowl XXXVIII and the upcoming LI.

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